About HL360.NET

HL360.NET was established as a network for learners who attended a Heuristic Learning class or workshop. The maiden purpose of the network was to share knowledge and professional opportunities. HL360.NET has evolved into an online network and central repository for resources to enhance and extend the learning experience such as self-assessment tools, exercises, and a blog. In addition to sharing professional opportunities we promote HL Learners who are entrepreneurs.

We encourage HL Learners to contribute to the development and enhancement of HL360.NET and to share knowledge and opportunities!

HL360.NET is IM Possible Mall a portfolio brand.

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Current HL Learner Roster

Learners currently attending a HL class or workshop.
DS - Data Science Professional Program       PM - Project Management Program

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Why We Need You

Share Your Knowledge

Knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving. There is an abundance of knowledge to acquire, so many things to learn, so do not limit yourself to being a knowledge hoarder as a "know-it-all" is of little value. Share your knowledge with other HL360.NET learners and contribute to the knowledge economy!

Share Your Growth

As you grow, helps others to grow with you. You help others while building a strong foundation for your network. Encourage others to do the same and your network gains strength exponentially. A win-win strategy!

Share Your Vision

You have a vision for yourself which is why you have enrolled in a HL course or workshop. You understand that learning leads to new opportunities and new opportunities lead to new experiences. Share your vision with others to inspire them to work on realizing their vision.

Our Network Nodes

  • StrategicIsite
  • eblackwidow
  • Heuristic Learning
  • Sketched on a Napkin
  • I Had a Happy
  • Relation Ships Yacht Charters
  • Field of Dreams
  • Strategos Academy
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